Saturday, October 18, 2008

My HTC Touch Cruise!

Well, I got my PDA back. Everything works on it again, which is nice. HTC actually honoured the warranty too.

There is some software that I would like to install on it:

1) HTC has released a ROM to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1:

2) The capable folks over at xdadevelopers have released a 3D driver in light of HTC's lack thereof:

The CAB is available here:

See also:

They are now working on 2D acceleration.

3) Manilla2D - Or HTC TouchFlo 3D for the HTC Touch Cruise - has been released:

The CAB is available from this thread:

4) PointUI Home: Pretty slick, quite useful:

They are releasing a new version in free/paid editions in version 2.0. The paid edition is probably going to be awesome, given the quality of version 1.5.

1 comment:

elazar said...

WOW!! your are great!!
I've spent hours (days) on this, tried every solution out there... but this one worked!!

I even talked to HP support couple of times, their answer is always "you must do system recovery..."
Never listen to them!!

any way, finally my HP fingerprint device Authentec is working, many many thanks!!